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"...this is the greatest plane I have ever owned." - Dan Field (SCSR)  

Gulp SR built by Todd Martin

Gulp DS Comments

Greg Smith (

04/06/02 - Update
I got the new Gulp from Steve and he has added a nice touch to the kit. It now has the spar cavities routed out. Should make building faster and because they are the exact size for the included spars it may save a bit of Goop weight.

Gulp SR Comments

Dan Field (SCSR):
Took the Gulp to Temple yesterday, blowing 50 MPH on top with higher gusts. Unfortunately too far from the right. Still flyable, gut going left to right sucked. It was miserable standing up there, couldn’t keep a hat on and was wearing shorts… I wouldn’t through out the Hades, the Gulp was hard enough to launch by myself.

 Way off the to right there is a hill that pretty much parallels the freeway, there was a big elevator over there. The Gulp would be limping along and then go straight up with lots of speed. Looked like a 30 oz per square foot wing load PSS ship. Speed passes from there, right to left were awesome, the Gulp never whimpered, just hauled butt, and without needing ballast.

Jerry Craft  (
First flight was a little hairy, the reflex was not right and the elevator throws too much. I have my slider on my Multiplex setup as a camber adjustment so the second flight after playing with the reflex was pure fun. The wind was very South at the time and the GULP stayed up when others were coming down. Later when the wind came straight in, I had her on course cranking some pretty good laps. With no ballast it is sure a lot faster than I thought it would be. It is nice having the camber slider because I noticed the better the wind speed and direction, the less reflex I needed, otherwise it tended to b
alloon. I am sure ballast would help that too.

I am not sure what I had for high rate ailerons but I could do a double roll and the nose tracked straight
with about 70 percent differential (down 70 percent of up travel).

Jerry’s Race Results
During the SCSR race clinic in January 2002, the Gulp proved competitive with a tie in the first heat, then winning all other heats. There was a healthy cross wind, but with an 11 oz. lead slug tucked neatly in its belly, penetration was effortless. Down wind turns were a snap and very stable. Diving up wind turns were very affective. Can't wait for the season to begin!

03/22/02 - Update
Well, the minor repairs from the DS sessions in Kansas have been made and I have flown the Gulp several times in the last few days. It continues to impress me. It is nearly as fast as a 60 inch composite plane yet will hang in relatively light lift. On our hills it likes about 10-12 mph at least so it isn’t quite a Zagi THL but it is a heck of a lot better flying plane! I’ve got a DLG for when the lift is real light anyway. When the wind pick up the Gulp is just a joy to fly and that along with the incredible durability has put it on my “must have” list. I have already ordered another from Steve Drake. I wouldn’t want to be without one.

03/07/02 - 03/10/02 Flying at Wilson Lake in Kansas
I tried to do the Gulp in this weekend DSing at the dam at Wilson Lake in Kansas. It was howling at 35 to 40 and I had 22 ounces in the custom ballast tube in the wing.  The DS circuit is about 10 feet off the deck in some places and meetings with the ground were inevitable. Besides blowing off the epoxyed on carbon wing tips, damage was limited to torn Ultracote and a slightly compressed nose. Did I mention that the lake side of the dam is all sharp boulders? I am replacing the carbon tips with EPP and covering with tape and Ultracote.

We also had a brief foamy pylon race. I races 2 regular JW's and a new JW XL. The GULP smoked them. It turns better and pulls them on the straights. Steve, you may be getting an order or two out of Kansas. Everyone who saw it fly was very impressed.

02/10/02 - The first flight of the GULP in 25 mph winds with blowing snow and 30 degree temperature! It flies very well. I set it up per the instructions and they seem to be pretty close.

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