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"...this is the greatest plane I have ever owned." - Dan Field (SCSR)  

  Designed for Slope Racing and Dynamic Soaring
Speed >> Agility >> Durability

Dynamic Soaring is an inherently dangerous activity.  The process of DS'ing accelerates your aircraft very rapidly and often violently.  It requires total concentration, skill, practice, and optimal conditions (including slope sites and weather) to perform.  DS'ing should always be practiced with the utmost care and consideration of safety, both your own and that of other people in the vicinity.

Always safety check your radio gear for proper operation and freshly charged batteries prior to launching. accepts no responsibility for the use of our products or if you screw it up during construction. Always obey AMA rules and safety guidelines. If flown to itís speed potential, this plane could cause great bodily harm or death upon impacts.


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