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New removable nose option comes with all kits.

New 4 ounce flat weave uni- carbon for the elevon composite kits takes away 60% of the added weight when you count the counter balance nose weight. This is really nice carbon. Both 4 ounce and 5.2 ounce options available.

Congratulations the John Bennett fior his 2008 BMFA Nationals win. The SR-60 has been winning major slope races and placing very high in the standings for many years. Why is that?

The SR-60 is available with lots of options such as: custom ballast systems, the SR-T which has plug on wings for easy travel or the "Lite Version" saving valuable ounces in light wind racing conditions. With so many other kits and custom planes being built for racing, the low drag design elements and stabilization tweaks the SR-60 has continue to make a real difference in the right hands.

"Hi Steve,
I finished the SR 60 this past weekend. Flew it on Saturday for the first time, got it trimmed
out and flew it with ballast on Sunday.  I have a 56" Xxxxx as comparison,
but there really is none.  The SR's turning ability is phenomenal, being able
to round a base as tight as you'd want without any flick (tighter then you'd
probably want actually).  Energy retention seems right up there with my F3F
planes.  Final weight with no ballast is around 28oz, requiring less than an ounce in the
nose for balance, with a 4 cell AA pack. 

Thanks for making such a great plane.  Brian

Your welcome Brian and thanks for sharing your experience. Steve

Gulp SR wins another 60" Slope Pylon race.  Congratulations to James Eichel!

Good flying and a winning design are hard to beat!

 At the August 2003 Soarheads bay area race, James Eichel prevailed by flying fast and consistently. In one of the more exciting heats, during Round 5, James scored another first after having a midair collision which knocked another plane to the ground. James was flying so fast, his Gulp SR still crossed the finish line ahead of the others and  ready for another round.
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HOT ! SR-T Build the new Plug on wing or stick with the one piece design for maximum strength.

Purchasing Information

 With the plug on wing the servos and linkage are out in the wing for ease of construction and setup. A 1 pound ballast option does not require a separate ballast tube as it bolts into the fuse.  Both SR's are the same price and equally fast.

Designed for Slope Racing and Dynamic Soaring
Speed >> Agility >> Durability 

          So now you can easily take your SR-Ton that vacation to Parker Mountain your wife has dreamed about  :-)

The SR-T head on and at this point you better be on the up stick 

The SR can be setup to your taste, if you like fast responsive planes.

Gulp SR - Built for

       Some beautiful work. Almost to nice to fly. Well Almost!

Gulp SR with Removable Wing

This plane was inspired by the Gulp DS with the intent of building it lighter and more optimized for racing but also for dynamic soaring in light to heavy air.
This plane is not intended for beginner builders or flyers!


Dimensions and Features: Included in the kit:
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  • Wing span 60”
  • Fuse length ~32”
  • New part for optional removable nose cone
  • Wing root cord 10”
  • Intermediate chord 8.5”
  • Tip chord 5”
  • Wing area ~482 square inches
  • Airfoil MH64
  • All high density EPP foam parts
  • Clean fuse design completely pre-shaped with wing mount cut in
  • 3" Fuse dia.-Lots of room for ballasting systems at the CG
  • Plans for almost totally internal servo controls
  • EPP vertical fin with
    low drag NACA 8% symmetrical airfoil
  • Partially built wing– Wing root joined with center spar in and spar cuts in each of the 4 wing panels
  • 4 EPP wing cores
    double tapered wing
  • EPP vertical fin
  • EPP fully shaped fuse
  • 6 ounce glass cloth for
    the center of the wing
  • multiple carbon rods and carbon fiber material for
    joining spars at the root
  • Basswood Ό”x Ό” trailing edge stock for EPP cores
  • Balsa stock for elevons
  • 1/16 ply for elevon end caps
  • Original SR has Custom internal elevon linkage
  • New- The SR plug on wing needs to be specified and is not shown. It looks identical and is the same price as the Original SR.

$100 for Gulp SR Kit

Available Options for Maximum Performance

Don't forget to specify if you want the new plug on wing SR or original one piece.
  • Custom carbon wing ballast tube to hold 1 lb of ballast $10.
  • Lead ballast slugs and wood spacers to fill the wing ballast tube $22.50.
  • Composite materials to build extra strong elevons using either 2 ounce or 5.2 ounce uni-carbon $30.
  • Base loaded receiver antenna (only 18" long) to reduce tail weight and and eliminate trying to hide that ugly wire this antenna really woks great $5.
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