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The Gulp DS II is being both a DS learning tool but also a plane for DSing experts. Watch Gregg Bolton DS his. A this link Gregg makes it look easy with his fully ballasted DS II. These speeds are amazing and not for the timid even as a spectator. 

Want to see a Gulp DS video just Click here

 Still one of the best DS planes ever built in EPP The Gulp DS flys all over the world.

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 Designed for Dynamic Soaring and Slope Racing >>Speed >> Stability >> Durability

Meet the New! Gulp DS II 

It 's Leaner and Quicker

A 2" longer and 1/2" narrower fuse presents a smaller profile for a faster top end. A new airfoil is still based on the MH45 but has a new entry which brings it on step sooner

More performance, no sacrifice is durability and the same cost to build

These beautiful examples were built by Shane Biddlecombe and Mike Young. That soft wind blown grass is at the Mickeys slope of Bwlch South Wales

Gulp DS built by Greg Smith

Gulp DS built by Bob Miller

The Gulp DS was inspired by the many designs from Harris Nelson, the JW from Pat Bowman, and input from friends. This plane is not intended for first time builders or flyers! If you have built and flown a foam wing like a Zagi or Boomerang, then you should be able to handle building and flying the Gulp DS. The Gulp kit will take your skills to an advanced level of model building and flying.


Dimensions and Features: Included in the kit:
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  • Wing span 60"
  • Fuse length 28.5"
  • Wing root cord 12"
  • Wing tip 6"
  • Wing area ~540 sq. in.
  • Airfoil MH45 modified
  • All high density EPP foam parts
  • Clean fuse design completely
    pre-shaped with wing mount cut in
  • Lots of  room for ballasting systems at the CG
  • Can use strip aileron for totally internal servo controls
  • EPP vertical fin with symmetrical airfoil
  •  Precut spar cavities for easy spar installation
  • Clean wing with Internal elevon linkage 
  • EPP wing cores
  • EPP vertical fin
  • EPP shaped fuse
  • Glass cloth for
    the center of the wing
  • Plywood for elevon end caps
  • 4 carbon tube spars
  • Basswood "x " trailing edge of EPP cores
  • Balsa stock for elevons
  •  Custom internal elevon linkage

$90 for Gulp DS Kits

Both the Original Gulp DS or the New DS II are the same low cost



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