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"...this is the greatest plane I have ever owned." - Dan Field (SCSR)  


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  High Quality Parts and Accessories
We realize that not everyone lives next to a hobby shop,
and also that planes can be subject to landings that are
not, ah... entirely smooth.

That is why we offer replacement parts for all our aircraft kits, as well as batteries, composite materials, and general construction materials

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Kit Replacement Parts Radio and Misc. Plane Gear Composites and Mylar
  • Gulp SR EPP wing cores
  • Gulp DS EPP wing cores
  • Gulp EPP tail core (fits both)
  • Gulp DS EPP Fuse 
  • Gulp SR Fuse
  • Balsa Elevon Stock (specify DS or SR)
  • Carbon spar rods
  • Custom internal linkage
  • New Battery - 1800mah NiHM pack the same size as a 600 Nicad pack (specify the plug type)
  • Carbon wing fairing 5/8" high 4" long to cover external wing linkage
  • Carbon tubing 0.51" ID 13" long to hold 1 lb of 1/2" diameter lead ballast
  • New Ballast kit:16+ ounces of 1/2" diameter lead slugs and wood dowel spacers (11 slugs and 10 spacers)
  • 6 ounce fiberglass cloth (12" x 18")
  • Composite Elevon reinforcing kit
  • Unidirectional 6 ounce Carbon cloth for joining DS spars 2" x 12"
  • bi-directional 6 ounce Carbon cloth 12" x 48"
  • Mylar sheets for elevon lay ups 3 x 32
  • 5.6 ounce S glass cloth bi-directional 12 x 48
  • Carbon Tow (single bundle of fibers like yarn) for joining SR spars or general reinforcing of composites
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