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"I have wanted to complete this design ever since flying the first G-V-48. The G-V-60 has all the features of my previous designs and some new ones. The Elliptical EPP tail took weeks of testing to offer it pre-shaped." Steve Drake 




 -----   2007  New Tail    ------

To increase the durability of the V tail it now has a Carbon V brace which the tails plug on to. Yep, it travels even better that way and is even easier to build. The tails are provided large allowing you to size them as you like.


Probably the most advanced EPP glider ever designed. With no design compromises that could slow it down, it is rated for Intermediate to Expert pilots and builders. It's like a molded 60" but durable and less expensive. Designed for Slope Racing and Dynamic Soaring
Speed >> Agility >> Durability

Clean lines with semi-elliptical plan-form 

Yes it comes apart for travel You can even make the nose cone removable.

G-V-60 Kit contents + ballast kit.jpg (84941 bytes)

What is included in the kit with the optional ballast and spacers

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G-V-60 Packing list

This plane was inspired by the Gulp SR with the intent of building it with the features of a plane with an elevator such as snap flaps and other coupled elevator flap functions.
This plane is not intended for beginner builders or flyers!


Dimensions and Features: Included in the kit:
  • Wing span 60
  • Fuse length ~35
  • Wing root cord 9
  • Intermediate chord 7.75
  • Tip chord 4.5
  • Wing area ~415 square inches
  • Airfoil RG-14
  • All high density EPP foam parts
  • Clean fuse design completely pre-shaped with wing mount cut in
  • Max Fuse dia. 2.5" 
  • Plans for low profile wing controls
  • New! EPP Elliptical pre-shaped V tails with basswood spar and balsa elevators with
    low drag NACA  airfoil
  • Plug on Wing, removable V tails, removable nose 
  • Build it for 3, 4, 5, 6 servos 
  • Ballast bay with receiver access for quick crystal changes.
  • 4 EPP wing cores
    double tapered wing for semi-elliptical plan-form
  • Pre-shaped V tails
  • EPP fully shaped fuse
  • Complete linkage for elevators
  • multiple carbon rods and carbon fiber materials for very
    strong construction
  • Basswood 3/8x trailing edge stock for EPP cores
  • Balsa stock for flaps and ailerons or flapperons
  • 1/16 ply for elevon end caps
  • New composite carbon V brace for solid plug on tails, Pre-cut Balsa blocks to contour the V brace for a clean releasing tail group
  • Ballast bay cover, nylon mounting screw and mounting hardware.
  • Many other parts and materials can be seen in the photo of the kit contents on the left.
  • View the packing list


  Options available:


Below is the G-V-60 built by  Joe Evans (Kona Joe) of Colorado

Check out the Gallery for other photo's of G-V-60's

The photo was composed by Greg Luck


Ballast and Plywood Spacers


Composites to cover Flaps and Ailerons or Flapperons


Base Loaded Antenna

 Three lead plates for just over 1 pound of easy to change ballast.


This is the standard Carbon, Glass and Mylar materials offered for the SR ans DS


An all new Design it has been tested to be more sensitive than other base loaded antennas for 72 MHZ

Available Options for Maximum Performance

  • Lead plates and spacers for 1 lb of ballast
  • Composite materials to build extra strong ailerons and flaps
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