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This kit is not for beginners. It comes with detailed plans and if you have built other EPP planes you have most of the skills needed.   

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  The New G-V-48 makes it's Début

 The price for the new two piece plug on wing kit is $120 which includes the ballast and spacers for flying at top performance every day. 

Designed for Slope Racing and Aerobatics
Speed >> Precision flying >> Durability >> and Classic Style

This plane is still designed for the EPP 48" slope racing class but is great for all slope flying. It is very efficient and will fly in light to heavy air. 

January 2005 Design Announcement 

The G-V-48 has been redesigned to add new features. The wing is now a two piece plug on style like the SR-T. You can easily take it on trips for flying remote places with a high performance yet durable glider. The ballast is now held in the fuse for quick changes. The new design is also stronger easier to build and offered now with the ballast. This plane is not for beginners and it intended for performance minded flyers.

Dimensions and Features: Included in the kit:
  • RG14 airfoil with flapperons
  • Wing span 48"
  • Approximately 300 inches of wing area
  • 30 inch fuselage
  • About 24 ounces 
  • Center bay holds up to 9+ ounces of included ballast
  • Made of high density EPP except the balsa  tail and ailerons
  • Two piece wing plugs to fuselage
  • Tail can bolt on or be glued on
  • Three servo design
  • A very low drag clean design for fast responsive flying
  • CNC cut wing panels with spar cavities precut.
  • P  re-shaped fuse
  • Material for all plane parts except the covering and gear to hook up your servos.
  • Carbon spars with a carbon joiner for a strong plug together wing 
  • Balsa for V-tail
  • Detailed plans and shape templates for Tail and wing tip shaping.
  • V-tail hardware to connect to one servo
  • The Ballast mounts under the wing via lead plates of 9 to 10 ounces or less using the wood spacers. Fly in light to heavy wind
Options include:
Base loaded Antenna to keep it neatly inside the fuse

Composites and mylar to cover the flapperons

$6.00 for 1 or 2 for $10

$30 for 4 percut sheets of uni carbon cloth, fiberglass top layer and mylar for a smooth layup.


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